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VI Kwanzaa Season 2019-2020

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

USVI Kwanzaa Week General Happy Kwanzaa Image (text provided under flyer)

According to KWANZAA365 Sankofa Saturdays, Inc, this year's USVI Kwanzaa week schedule details thus far include the following listed on the flyer below. Releasing the FINAL VI Kwanzaa Week Schedule for 2019-2020, DaraMonifah® spoke on WSTA 1340 AM with Elder Afreekan Southwell. See entire video below.

Updates will be posted in the VI Kwanzaa Season 2019-2020 Facebook event and shared on the Facebook pages of Conch Shell Media, KWANZAA365 Inc. and Sankofa Saturdays, Inc.

USVI Kwanzaa Week Events Flyer (text provided under flyer)

Text from flyer is below (ADA friendly):


UMOJA (Unity) Thursday, DEC 26 4PM | St. John, Franklin Powell Ball Park Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Sigma Theta Omega Chapter

3PM | St. Croix, UCA House Kitchen And Rastafarian Cultural Center (Frederiksted) UCA, Umoja Caribbean Union, Inc. & Afrika House St. Croix Harvest Exchange 6PM | St. Thomas, Wesley Methodist Educational Complex

African Diaspora Youth Development Foundation, Inc. 46th Annual Festival

3pm Kwanzaa Youth Camp @Tillett Gardens

KUJICHAGULIA (Self-Determination) Friday, DEC 27 6PM | St. Thomas, Tillett Gardens

LoveLivinVI & Pan African Support Group/Environmental Rangers

3pm Kwanzaa Youth Camp @Tillett Gardens UJIMA (Collective Work & Responsibility) Saturday, DEC 28 POSTPONED | St. Thomas, Island Rootz Vegan Restaurant Dinner Social/Media & Organizing Meetup 3pm Kwanzaa Youth Camp @Tillett Gardens

UJAMAA (Cooperative Economics) Sunday, DEC 29

12PM | St. Croix, 4-Part Crawl (Town Walk) between WellnessPlace, Afrikahouse, UCA & UCU (F’sted) | Click HERE for more info

1PM* | St. Thomas, Bordeaux Farmers’ Market opens 10AM, We Grow Food, Inc.

3pm Kwanzaa Youth Camp @Tillett Gardens NIA (Purpose) Monday, DEC 30

Enjoy family & community at home, the beach... anywhere! 3pm Kwanzaa Youth Camp @Tillett Gardens

KUUUMBA (Creativity) Tuesday, DEC 31

PRE-SUNSET | St. Thomas, John Brewers Beach Yoga until sunset

Ital Ase Botanical & Wedding Services

3pm Kwanzaa Youth Camp @Tillett Gardens

IMANI (Faith) Wednesday, JAN 1 PRE-SUNRISE | St. Thomas, John Brewers Beach Yoga until sunrise

2PM | St. Thomas, Brewers Beach Vegan* Potluck 3pm Kwanzaa camp @Brewers Beach (NOT Tillett)

12-6PM | St. Croix, at UCA - Small Business Cultivation Fair & Networking

***Kwanzaa Youth Camp Daily 3-5PM at LoveLivin in Tillett Gardens***

Arts & Crafts * Music * Theater * Dancing * Meditation * Folklore * Libations * History & more!

All events are coordinated by various community members & organizations.

More info, flyers, pics at

on the VI Kwanzaa Season 2019-2020 Facebook Event

& on the Facebook pages of Conch Shell Media,

KWANZAA365 Inc. & Sankofa Saturdays, Inc. #KWANZAA365 #Strength2Strength #USVI Here's the full film of The Black Candle. a landmark, vibrant documentary that uses Kwanzaa as a vehicle to celebrate the African-American experience. Narrated by renowned poet Maya Angelou and directed by award-winning author and filmmaker M.K. Asante, Jr., The Black Candle is an extraordinary, inspirational story about the struggle and triumph of African-American family, community, and culture. More about the film, below the video.

Filmed across the United States, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, The Black Candle is a timely illumination on why the seven principles of Kwanzaa are so important to African-Americans today. The first feature film on Kwanzaa, The Black Candle traces the holiday's growth out of the Black Power Movement in the 1960s to its present-day reality as a global, pan-African holiday embraced by over 40 million celebrants. With vivid cinematography and an all star cast that features the best and brightest from the hip-hop and the civil rights generations, The Black Candle is more than a film about a holiday: it’s a celebration of a people! Thank you M. K. Asante, Jr. and others who assisted and supported him, for creating this film.

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